Plumes Wallpapers

It's been a long time since we haven't shared any Wallpapers for you guys to download for your desktops. Let us know if this is something you will like to see more on Abduzeedo. By the meantime, we would like to share the latest series entitled:  Plumes by Ari Weinkle. For his latest project, Ari went experimenting the colours, the complexity and the structure of feathers. You can't help but to admire his choice of vivid colours and the level of details is just ridiculously good-looking.

A series of generative artworks inspired by the colors and structural complexity of feathers.

Download the entire Wallpaper Set

About Ari Weinkle

Ari is an artist and designer based in Boston, USA. Ari finds the time to work on his craft at breaking apart different forms such as human figure, geometric and organic shapes.

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