Introducing Data from Invision LABS

In the latest installation of Craft from Invision LABS, they are again pushing the envelope by supercharging Craft’s capabilities by bringing designers Data. A free plugin that pulls text, photos, and JSON values from public API sites live into Sketch. Let's give it a look and make sure to watch it in action. I am really being a fan of what Craft by Invision LABS is bringing to the game that can really help designers boost up their productivity and efficiency into their work.

Craft from InVision LABS has been a game changer in increasing productivity among designers.

JSON: Grab JSON values from sites like Spotify, Twitter, Facebook for up to date, true data inside designs.
Text: Forget Lorem ipsum. Craft’s first plugin is now bundled inside Data. Pull real, relevant textual content into designs.
Photos: The Photos tab within Data places consistent, contextual imagery into all layers of a design.

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