Product Design: Thread

Whenever it is a concept or not, this is a really an interesting/amazing product design that can really revolutionize the journey of a parent for all the Moms and Dads out there. Being through that process a little while ago, there's a lot of unknown and a great load of paperwork/books to go through. Quite frankly it wasn't that friendly at all and pretty boring. Seeing this updated process got me pretty interested to try and see it will work in an actual situation. Hope you will enjoy this product from the app to the product itself.

When every parents have their first baby, they feel not only joy also worry about prenatal education. Existing things were one way education lacking interaction, thread is a new way of prenatal education that whole family can communion for 38weeks. Prenatal education through thread would be new way to communion with fetus for joy novice husband and wife.


Eirene Sheen jiseung Song

More on the project via Behance.

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