UI Inspiration: Creative Interactions

As part of the process of a redesign, by the way I don't know if you've noticed that we are rocking a new Abduzeedo design. If you see anything like bugs or anything; give us a shout. As I was saying, part of the process early in the middle of it, we have a part where you just look for inspirations out there. It's quite fun actually to breathe in different kind of interactions, some cool ones and some just to work your mind a little. We never when we'll have an idea that will pop into our head so it's always a good exercise to do so. I would like to share a series of UI interactions that I thought were quite creative so either being aesthetic or plain playful.


Azís Pradana



Mark Lamb



Vehbi Köksal



Nikita Fedorov












Minh Pham






Scott M Thigpen



Mason Yarnell



Tony DeAngelo


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