Bó Burger and Fries Branding

Working on a brand identity is always a good challenge, it's not for nothing that most of us has multiple different practices to understand more the client and ultimately be on the same page. Let's take a look at the visual identity of Bó - Burger and Fries, a culinary place located in Kielce, Poland. Behind this mixed branding, the folks from Hopa Studio took on this project in branding, interior design and packaging as well. I kind of enjoyed the mixture of mediums into something quite different from what we usually see, hope you'll like it.

Bó, for us, is an example of a good cooperation of a client and invited people, basing on trust, passion and specialization.

Joanna Walczykowska has been responsible for the illustrations. Kamil Borowski, specializing in lettering, transformed the golden paint into calligraphic works of art.
The corporate identity assumes two layers – the first associated with slow food, urban life and culture. The second – golden – refers to the style of the New York subway, graffiti and hip-hop. Elegant, glamorous typography combined with the style of letters and graphic forms, close to the style of the streets.

About Hopa Studio

Hopa Studio is an agency based in Warsaw, Poland. They focus their work into creating solutions not only for good aesthetic in different fields of design. We should look forward to see more from them.

More information: http://www.hopastudio.com/en.

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