Curriculum 3D

Showcasing your portfolio is really important in the process of job hunting, I don't believe that is all about your education but what work did you worked on or were part on. Many things that we share to our next employer totally defines your first impression as a whole. I've done several interviews for design positions in the past and one thing that we mostly tend to forget or to finish off too quickly is the Curriculum Vitae (our resume). How you define yourself on that piece of paper is also a form of presentation of you.

Let's take a look a cool 3D take on a Curriculum Vitae. Designed by Benjamin Benhaim, a motion designer, CG artist and art director based in Paris, France. I like the colour palette of this artwork and also how detailed it is from different angles.

Artwork made with Adobe After Effects, Maxon Cinema 4D, Octane Render
Curriculum 3D
Curriculum 3DCurriculum 3DCurriculum 3DCurriculum 3DCurriculum 3DCurriculum 3D

More information via Behance.

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