Clearly UX/UI

There are some industries that really shine when it comes to web. The way they showcase their products and important user flows are super well crafted. I remember seeing the Warby Parker site and their purchase flow and I was blown away. I wished booking a fly was that cool. The cool thing about that was that it pushed the industry. Now you see others paying more attention and of course spending more of their budget in design, especially UX/UI. I believe that's the case of the Clearly project shared by Diogo Akio. He worked with the Huge Toronto on the redesign of

I love how clean and organized the design feels. It's simple minimal but it really highlights the glasses. The design also renders beautifully on mobile and tablet screens. I also really like the subtle shadows on hovers and other little details. Below you can see some of the main screenshots.


Diogo Akio is a Brazilian Designer and Art Director living in Toronto, CA. For more information check out

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