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Design has the power to communicate and improve people's lives. That's the ultimate goal of a good user experience. The role of designers in communicating the message is very important, some subjects must be treated with a lot of attention because it might be related to health or other delicate situations. Scott Carroll shared an editorial design project with us that he worked on for mental health for men. It's titled "Mental Health." It's a set of designs for media including posters, a book and newspaper ads with the goal of driving awareness on the matter.

Here's a little bit more about it from his Behance post.


Graphic Design Made Visible. Respond to an external issue relating to either (food, health or migration). Identify a specific area of focus / series of research questions and produce a research-led design response.

Creative Solution

Mental ill health and suicide affects men up and down the UK on a daily basis, but why is that? Men have a tendency to remain silent when it comes to their mental health, the stigma surround men makes it hard for them to put a voice to their emotions which results in bottling them up. The creative solution of the problem is to give men a platform and help them understand that it is ok to cry and feel lonely because it's a normal experience when mentally ill. Creating a book and a poster series proving these men with the harsh reality of mental ill health and suicide it will give them the encouragement to be more open with how they feel and get help them so desperately need. Kick out the stigma and give men a voice.

Editorial Design

About Scott Carroll

Graphic Design undergraduate at Sheffield Hallam University from Liverpool, North West of England. I have worked in the field of Graphic Design for the past 5 years. Fortunately at an early stage of my creative career I find myself being followed by 50,000+ people across social media which only inspires me to carry on and learn more as a creative. -

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