Motion Design - The Work of Cory Duma

It's Monday and as it has become more and more common I will post about motion design. I was even thinking about calling it Motion Monday, but then I thought, it is too cheesy. We used to do that quite a lot with our post though and I liked it. Back to our motion design post. Today I'd love to share some of the work that Cory Duma shared on his Dribbble profile. There's something subtle and as in one of the comments I read said, hypnotic about some of the projects. In my opinion it's the perfect loops with the perfect timing, but I am not an expert, just someone that loves motion design. Enough said, check out the projects we selected for you.

Cory Duma is a motion designer based in Palo Alto currently working at Palantir. For more information make sure to check out his Dribbble profile at - there are some more awesome projects. Cory also has some beautiful photos on Instagram 

Motion design

Pop up test404 v2BikestandStrawIso patternFootstepsIconzRbgGold ropeShiftingshapesSelect Events bump

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