Packaging Design and Brand Identity for Cocora Coffee

Cocora Coffee is a brand identity and packaging design project created and shared by Duvan PiñerosArmenia, ColombiaHernán TwineichArmenia, Colombia and Andres Lombana on their Behance profile. We don't share a lot of packaging design here on Abduzeedo but it's an area that we are quite passionate about. It's always part of a strong brand identity system and this project illustrates that quite well. 

Born in the mountains. Growing up means to be joined to earth forever, because the roots of the trees are also our roots. It's understanding out history and learning from our ancestors. It's to be shaped from earth, which was endlessly worked. It's being careful and stubborn when someone says "it can't be done", because we were cultivated with strength and love.

Packaging design

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