Industrial Design for Clippad Universal Gamepad

We have to say that Nintendo is always trying to innovate or at least be different. They saw the shift of how people play games, more and more on mobile devices, and created the Nintendo Switch. The biggest question for me is, will that be enough to stop the smartphone game revolution? One of the biggest issues with mobile games is the controllers. Touch screen is not as accurate or intuitive as physical controllers. For multiple button games it gets tricky because you never know exactly where your fingers are, causing the user to miss firing the right button. The solution could be games will evolve to touch screen controllers, requiring less buttons or the industry will create peripherals allowing mobile phones to have physical buttons. Clippad is an industrial design project that takes the second approach. It is a bluetooth controller that you connect to your smartphone and it gives you a directional and 4 buttons. It was created and shared by Giacomo Zangani on his Behance profile.

Clippad is a bluetooth universal gamepad composed by two splittable controllers for clip every smartphone

Giacomo Zangani is an industrial design student from Florence, Italy. For more information about this work and to check out his full portfolio visit

Industrial Design

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