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Industrial design has definitely become a differentiator. We see that everywhere, from phones, computers, cars, pretty much every product tries to separate itself through a well-crafted industrial design. In the tech world that is even more visible, as the technology itself has, I dare say, been commoditized, what can add value is design. Back to hardware, for this post I'd like to share a bit about the new keyboard that Logitech has created and Bengt Brummer shared on his Behance profile. It's the Craft wireless keyboard

Craft is complete creative control at the desk — with a premium typing experience, remarkably solid build, and a versatile input dial that gives you instant access to the tools you need, the moment you need it -says Bengt on his Behance post. And it's interesting to see all these explorations in the keyboard field. Apple with the TouchBar, Microsoft with the fabric finish to their keyboards and the futuristic Surface Dial and Logitech now it a similar input dial. I remember back in mid 2000, there was a Russian keyboard that all keys were supposed to be LCD screens which would be completely configurable depending on the application you are running. Maybe they were too ahead but I can see a future where we will see a lot more of design innovation in this field.

Industrial Design

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About Bengt Brummer 

 After training and working as a chef in various countries in Europe and the US and earning a BFA in the Culinary Arts from Örebro University in Sweden, Bengt attended Parsons School of Design in NYC. In 2011 he graduated with an MFA in Industrial Design from Konstfack. Projects that cross disciplines - consumer electronics, branding, culinary arts and home decor - have been and continue to be the work that hold the most meaning for him. "I consider myself a global citizen and have worked in professional studios in Europe as well as the US within both the fields of Culinary Arts as well as Industrial Design." - says Bengt.

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