Stunning 3D Work and Cinema 4D Tutorial by Cornelius Dämmrich

I love everything 3D. Back in the early 2000s I spent a fair amount of time trying to learn 3ds Max, then Cinema 4d. It was a good time but I couldn't stand the rendering times, especially to find out that my composition was bad in all senses, modeling, lighting, texture. That is not the case of the stunning work created by Cornelius Dämmrich titled 6088AD. What can I say about it, it's just perfect. Amazing mood, style and illumination. The best part though, is that Cornelius was very kind to us and wrote tutorials on how to create scenes like that. There's so much information that I will probably try to get back to Cinema 4d.

Some technical information:

Built in Cinema 4D R18, Octane, Fusion 360, Marvelous Designer, Substance Designer and DAZ3D.

The tutorial includes over 8 hours of timelapses, 1,5 hours video commentary, 3 step by step tutorials, a Soundtrack and a 3D Scene with all the assets and textures.

6088AD Cinema 4d Process

3D Stills

3D Stills of Details


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