Embracing the Peculiar iPhone X Notch

A few days ago Apple announced their new lineup of phones including the widely expected and leaked iPhone X. There was nothing new due to the huge amount of leaks and prototypes that were being reviewed months before and the biggest thing about the new phone is the screen. It pretty much takes the whole front face of the phone but has a very distinct cutout at the top to case the cameras and sensors, the iconic and weird, iPhone X Notch. Personally I don't like it. It looks like a badge that when the screen is using white or light colors. With black it looks dope. However the most amazing thing for me and the reason of this post is to highlight how much the design community embrace any new Apple release. It's not a rant, it's just an observation. Many devices in the past had to create workarounds due to similar constraints and they were always fiercely criticized by designers. The best example was the Moto 360 smartwatch. But enough of comparisons, below you can see a compilation of recent Dribbble posts already adopting and promoting the new look of iPhone X.

iPhone X Notch

Real pixelsAttachment 1Fitness TrackerEzgif.com video to gifMovie AppSolar System - NeptunePower Saving AppIphone x studies bigFlare 1.2 on iPhone X BlackIphone x bigVSCO iPhone XiPhone X MockupDesign Exploration Recipe App iOS11Score screen app lgMinimal email app - lightSimple iPhoneX Sketch Mockup. TransportPay app as an example.X full

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