Minimalist TypeType Brand Identity

It's the end of the year and this will be my last brand identity post of 2017, I had to feature a very minimalist project and that is what TypeType brand identity work created by Pavel EmelyanovIrina Emelyanova and Comence Studio on their Behance profiles. Below you can see everything about it, but if you don't want to read, you can just look at the images and get inspired by not only the work but also the presentation.


We were approached by TypeType Foundry, which specializes in fonts production and is one of the market leaders, with a task to develop their new brand identity.


The impeccably clear brand identity reflects fundamental features of TypeType's attitudes and approaches to work, such as attention to details, perfectionism, clarity, and streamlined production process. TypeType combines algorithms and accuracy with beauty and functionality at work. We translated these features into the developed brand stationery. Special attention was paidto selection of high-quality materials, printing technologies and clean layout. Simple logotype is a metaphor of well-coordinated and continuous work process: day by day, letter by letter, type by type.


Brand Identity

Logotype Standard

The white rectangular block with perfect edges and ideally printed logotype symbolizes the ‘golden standard’ of logotype.

Color palette

Colors are directly inspired by and taken from the work process: white is for paper, black - for fonts, gray - for the tones of font rendering, and beige is for manual labor.

TT Commons

We created TT Commons, the corporate font, in collaboration with TypeType team. The task was to make universal modern grotesk with a multilingual support in the traditions of swiss design.


Type catalog features fonts designed by TypeType. Each font is presented on its own page spread which lists main font characteristics, implementation examples, and OTFs.


Each font specimen has an individual folder made of stiff white cardboard. The physical font versions are visual representations of how the fonts look in print.

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