Forgotten Temple Illustration by Rui Gonçalves

Let's take a look at this rather cool illustration by art director/graphic designer Rui Gonçalves. Based in Barcelona, Spain, Rui is a true passion when it comes to graphic design and also art direction. Judging by his Behance Profile, ideas and concepts seems to be his forté. Today we are a case study at the Forgotten Temple Illustration, a commission project ended up being a personal experimentation. My favourite part of this illustration is the layers of details from what's underneath the sea, the dinosaur fossil is quite a nice touch. This illustration also reminds me of his Everything is okay, until it's not. project that we have featured on ABDZ.

What started as a commission ended in a personal project. I wanted to push my isometric illustration skills a bit more so i decided to turn this idea, which originally was designed for a client, into a personal project - "Forgotten Temple". Hope you guys like it!

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Illustration & Process

Forgotten Temple Illustration by Rui GonçalvesForgotten Temple Illustration by Rui Gonçalves


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