Gorgeous Tarot Card Design by Caterina Bianchini

We're totally digging these gorgeous Tarot cards designed for Neustellar, a Swiss organization run by Andreas Graf that provides spiritual teaching, mindfulness workshops and counseling. The creative talent behind the work is the lovely Caterina Bianchini, a multi-award winning designer and art director based in London. Tarot cards may not be the first place you look for drawing inspiration but we hope these have moved you just as much as they have us.  

These beautiful Tarot cards were designed to promote each of Neustellar's classes ranging from old age and wisdom to crisis intervention. The concept behind creating designs that referenced Tarot cards was that tarot cards are used to indicate the future, give a sense of what might be ahead, to allow for the individual to plan or accept. Specifically, the designs were created to be a graphic interpretation of each class offered. You'll notice tree lifelines symbolizing the old age and wisdom cards while outlines of mountainous shapes convey new perspectives for the healing card. Each card was designed using this thought process to create designs that were authentic to their specific healing power. Enjoy and check out more work by Bianchini here. 


Caterina Bianchini, is a multi-award winning designer and art director based in London.

Working across the field of creative direction, from design to art direction. Each project challenges current design norms by experimenting with unique typographic layouts and carefully curated colour palettes.

Projects are approached with conceptual and strategic thinking, creating work that is considered, charismatic and beautiful.

Clients include Levi's, Diesel, Lush. Red Bull Music Academy, Red Bull Studios, Nike and Adidas.