Packaging Design Love: method + SFMOMA's ‘Glass for Good’ Limited-Edition Faceted Glass Bottle 

For the packaging design lovers out there, Method, the design-forward and planet-friendly soap company you all may know from the aisles of your local market, has partnered with SFMOMA to launch the method x SFMOMA ‘Glass for Good’ bottlea contemporary interpretation inspired by the iconic method teardrop hand wash bottle. Dubbed ‘Glass for Good’ the bottle was designed with aesthetics and sustainability in mind, allowing consumers to refill and reuse at home in an effort to offset plastic waste. Filled with a fragrance called Violet Noir, we've discovered the violet leaf, lavender, and cedarwood scent pleasing to all discerning noses. And that's not all, proceeds from the bottles will directly benefit SFMOMA’s arts education programs. We're also really digging the geometry of the external packaging inspired by the faceted elements of the bottle.

“As we thought about how to approach method’s first glass bottle in collaboration with such a distinguished partner as SFMOMA, I wanted the design to draw a strong link to nature. The end result was heavily inspired by gems and how they are cut in a way that maximizes reflections and internal luminosity," said method designer Sean McGreevy.

“We are delighted to partner with method on this uniquely designed product,” said Jana Machin, director of the SFMOMA Museum Stores. “Since method has generously donated the glass bottles, the profits from each sale directly benefit our education programs, which serve more than 60,000 students, teachers, and families each year.”

The method x SFMOMA ‘Glass for Good’ limited-edition bottle is available now exclusively through the SFMOMA Museum Store and online at Only 5,000 glass bottles were created, making the beautiful bottle a truly limited-edition event. For $15 this is our go-to for this season's holiday gift giving while providing a give-back that we can all stand behind.

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