The Best Game Design: The Minimalist I’m Ping Pong King :)

I love to play games. I am not any professional or hardcore gamer and no, I have never won any battle in Fortnite. However I did win three times in PUBG Mobile. Despite my lack of gaming skills I still love playing them and finding new games. I am also not restrict to a platform, I do have a PS4 and a Switch but I honestly spend more time playing mobile games. That is the reason I want to start sharing some of the games I played that caught my attention, through the game design lenses. It could be because of the art direction, or motion design or even sound design and for this first post I would love to share this game: I’m Ping Pong King :) by Orangenose Studios.

I’m Ping Pong King :)  is a super simple ping pong game, but that’s the beauty of it. Basically you just tap on the left or right side of the screen to hit the ball on the respective sides of the tabel. It sounds boring, but it’s everything but that as it tests your reflexes, however, what makes this game awesome, personally, it is the art direction and graphics. It’s a very minimalist game with super simple character design and a clean vector look. Check out some screenshots below.

Game Description

2018's best minimalist sports game “I’m Ping Pong King”

"I'm Ping Pong King" is a truly fun and exciting table tennis game. The goal of this game is to beat 16 rivals and win the crown; these funny stickmen can be world’s best champion, your boss or super granny.

It’s an easy finger-tapping game, simply tap right or left of the screen to control your stickman. Be careful not to miss any ball, or you'll fail this contest anytime! 

Game Design


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