Moving Stills - Papercut Loopable Animation

Rebeka Molnar shared a beautiful motion design project where she mix paper cut with motion to create some short loopable animation for the Czech Television (Česká Televize) that can fill the gaps during live internet streaming.

This ident is for ČT2, what channel offers a wide variety of programs from cultural / touristic / historical magazines through trendsetting series & movies. Every channel has its own color palette (bright, varied colors from bright to dark, from warm to cold) and target group (people over 25 years).

I chose paper cuttings and stop motion as the technique, so I had to choose the right colored papers for the animation which are fit in the identity of the channel. As the theme of the project I have decided to choose emblematic objects related to cinematic genres and align them in a loose order on the screen. At first I drew the composition with all the selected objects, then I cut them out from paper and animated them separately by Dragonframe on greenscreen. Finally I put them together in After Effects.

Paper cut animation

Simple drawing test of the gun

Paper animation test of the gun


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