Typorigami Calendar 2021 by De-form.hu

De-form.hu shared an incredible printed calendar for 2021 titled Typorigami Calendar 2021. The name says it all, it mixes typography and origami. De-form designers shared a bit of the motivation behind the design saying that this year all of us have struggled a lot with Covid-19. In many people's lives, the pandemic caused a lack of work, financial issues, physical or mental health problems, or total social isolation. “We try to be optimistic but know, we should be patient in this situation. Every year we design a calendar and try to reflect on the exact months, but now we really don't know what will happen next year.”

Image may contain: handwriting and drawingImage may contain: handwriting, book and letterImage may contain: drawing, sketch and birdImage may contain: cartoon, drawing and sketchImage may contain: origami, art and sketchImage may contain: drawing, sketch and cartoonImage may contain: sketchImage may contain: drawing, cartoon and sketchImage may contain: cartoon and drawing


  • de-form.hu/2021
  • Printed on PERGRAPHICA®
  • High White Rough 90 g/m2
  • Produced by Mondi
  • Sponsored by Europapier

Available at de-form.hu/2021

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