Fabio XM by Type-Department is the font I wish I had designed

Fabio XM, designed by By Giulia Boggio, has charming personality and it’s is an ode to its designer's partner. “After sketching complicated shapes to impress him,” Fabio’s creator reflects, “I realized that what I love most about him is that he’s the quirkiest creature I’ve met, yet at the same time reserved and unpretentious.” With a range of weights and stylistic alternates, Fabio XM offers a ton of great stuff to play around with.

The best way to sum up Fabio XM is to say it’s a quirky, introverted typeface. With unusual variations and glyphs, it’s understated and intriguing, with a capacity for surprise peeking through its quiet, lowkey exterior.


  • 300+ Glyphs
  • Thin, Regular, Brüt (Variant Squared Regular), Funk (Variant Funky Thin)
  • 70-75% Latin Plus languages supported
  • Stylistic Alternates
  • Standard ligatures, discretionary ligatures
  • Fractions, symbols, arrows, punctuations & other symbols
  • Multilingual support 

Language support 

Main European and Latin based languages, depending on variant.

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