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How&How partner with to develop a new strategic position, brand identity and website. Love your estate agent? Yes, really. A new brand identity and website for a company revolutionizing the way we sell property: making it better for buyers, sellers and agents alike.

Selling property should be rewarding. But it’s hard. The average U.K. homeowner waits 19 weeks to lose £75,000 per sale. Enter flyp. New generation disruptors rebuilding the property market from the ground-up. They use data-driven insights to value-improve and sell properties faster. 

Currently, the property game is all about winners and losers. But flyp believe it doesn’t have to be. Their re-engineered process uses tech to get the best for the people involved at every stage of house-buying; creating a revolutionary new property ecosystem where everyone wins.

We were approached by flyp to create a new strategic position, brand identity, website design and website build which was as dynamic, agile and colorful as they are. The time had come to flip everything on its head. So we did. 

How&How brand idea, Flip the System, was a call to upend the status quo. flyp’s logo is literally an upside-down house. A tongue-in-cheek tone-of-voice; and a playful design system of rotating 3D walls, expressive licks of typography and a color palette inspired by building materials blew an f-shaped hole through any other conventional property brands.

Structured around customer user flows researched in the  web discovery stages; the How&How team created an engaging and immersive web build which comprised over 40 bespoke components and almost two dozen pages. These brought the brand to life through animated 3D flips, morphing carousels and sliding before / afters. 

We used Lottie, Frame-by-Frame and CSS animation techniques to create micro UI interactions and macro full-screen transitions to convey the disruptive joy in turning everything on its head in order to make it right again. 

Before & After


"To say How&How transformed our brand is an understatement. From start to finish they elevated our thinking, challenged us and our ideas, and impressed us at every stage of the process.They have a killer combo of being extremely smart and extremely creative all at the same time." — Jody Sieradzki Head of Growth, flyp


  • Strategy / Brand Strategy, Messaging & Positioning
  • Design / Brand Identity
  • Digital / Website Design, Website Development, 3D Renders

For more information make sure to check out the full case study at How&How website.

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