&Walsh rebrands Lex, welcoming in a new generation of LGBTQ+ community creators

&Walsh created the messaging framework, visual identity, UX/UI toolkit, and website design & development for the queer-owned and operated social app. Before the social app, there was the Personals Instagram account, created by Lex founder and CEO Kell Rakowski in 2017. Rakowski created the Instagram account to mirror old school newspaper personal ads where the words folks used to describe themselves and others were more important than any selfie they took. After two years and 10,000 personals, Rakowski launched Lex as a lo-fi, text-centered dating app where queer people could be their unapologetic selves without facing censorship from major social media sites. 

Inspired by the idea that the vibrant social app is a queer playground, &Walsh designed a whimsical, fluid logo for Lex. They developed a visual identity that tells a story of growth, energy, and well-being, all while maintaining a raw-edge. These brand attributes can be seen in the distinguishable main brand color “Lex Green,” its complimentary color palette of spring tones, and playful illustrations depicting flowers, flames, mountains, hearts, and stars juxtaposed with rough textures.

To honor Lex’s relationship to words as a means to self-describe, and therefore self-empower, &Walsh created a messaging framework written by and for queer people. They developed copy lines for custom stickers that are authentic to queer vernacular, which are available to users both on and offline to communicate pronouns, special interests, and more. 

In addition to the brand assets, &Walsh developed a UX/UI toolkit as well as designed and developed Lex’s desktop and mobile website. Lex users (warmly referred to as Lexers) helped inform design and development decisions by providing feedback on accessibility and usage to the Lex team. The desktop and mobile site now serve as a fresh introduction to the app and its main features, as well as a gateway to the Apple App Store and Google Play for downloads.

About &Walsh: Creative agency founded by Jessica Walsh, based in New York specializing in brand strategy, art direction, design, and production. 

About Lex: Lex is a queer-owned and operated text-centered social app founded by Kell Rakowski in 2019. Lex is headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, but is available to queer people across the globe for free on both iOS and Android.

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