Singula brand identity & website design

Singula builds teams to develop websites, services and applications, move products to the cloud, and turn a legacy-filled solution into a lean microservice architecture. They already have 200+ engineers working on our team. With a simple brand and a website full of interesting transitions and 3D effects that seem to rely on three.js it runs smoothly at 60fps on my laptop.

We talk frankly about the risks and difficulties, suggest different ways of solving the problem, and share our blueprints from previous projects.

Build your own digital universe with the help of the Singula team

The key idea of Singula's website is to encourage the user to make contact. They opted for simple forms and low-density content. And a simple font without capital letters encourages the user to communicate informally. Visual forms resemble microscopic elements, such as atoms, which make up the entire cosmos.

We don’t want you to flip through a bunch of tabs and long texts to understand what the company does and whether it suits you. Singula’s design allows them to invite you to their digital universe, build, develop, and grow your product together.


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