Nubank Branding and Visual Identity

I love to see a little bit of what happens behind the scenes of a branding project. The outcome usually is simple but a lot of people, especially the non-designers might not have any idea of the amount of work that it takes to come up with a good and powerful brand system. The Nubank project shared by Andrea Avedissian is a great example of that. The visual identity project was done for a new type of credit card that doesn't require a bank in Brazil. A new concept that required a fresh take on the branding.

Personally I love the symbol and the color palette, it's elegant and depth. It's like a penrose triangle. The typeface is the only thing I am not quite fan of, it looks like FF Dax which seems to be one of the favorite fonts for visual identities in Brazil. That said, it doesn't compromise the strong work done by Andrea and the other designers involved.

Nubank provides a digital credit card, a Platinum MasterCard for smartphones, and is looking to take customers away from Brazil’s highly profitable banks. That means the company is now concentrating on people who can afford the phones and already have credit cards with Brazilian banks but are seeking alternatives... New York Times

About Andrea

Andrea Avedissian is a senior copywriter from São Paulo, Brazil. For more information check out - The art director of this project was André Bitelli.

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