oco2: Monitoring Camera for your Home

As technology grows so fast, almost every single piece of "tech" has to be reachable either from your mobile device or wearable. This is where we are leaning towards to and whatever we like it or not. As our lives are moving fast, there's always a gadget that can add to our lives to make it easier and be part of it. For the parents out there or those who want an extra security at home, there's a monitoring camera for the home called: Oco and it's not your conventional camera. The team behind this product really thought about every single aspect at engineering a real tool for your home.

2 weeks project: (design phase). Oco2 Home Monitoring Camera with SD Card and Cloud. Next generation FullHD camera with local and cloud storage.

About Etienne Bougeot

Etienne is a design lead over at Aeris Cleantec, a small startup operating in health. Etienne focuses his work in Industrial Design, Product Design and Graphic Design.

More information via Behance.

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