Old School Game Cover Arts

Back in the day, the Master System, the Sega Genesis (a.k.a. Mega Drive), and the Super Nintendo would just make us over our heads... 16 and 32 bits were HOT stuff back then. Those bits would make us spend whole afternoons playing Mickey's Castle of Illusion, Desert Strike and many other games... and a great way to remember those days, is taking a look at game cover arts.

While writing the Michael Jackson's Inpiration post, I ran into the old Moonwalker game cover art, and memories began to flow like crazy... then we connected the dots and just thought: why not posting about it? I'm totally in!! It was a wonderful experience searching for these covers and selecting cool ones. Today we get to see really amazing cover arts. Compared to the Genesis, Super Nintendo has 500% better graphics, but since Sega's console is even more old school, we're gonna stick just to it. For those of you who are older than 22, this post will probably lit that childhood sparkle once more. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I do. Cheers!

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Paulo Gabriel

I'm Paulo Gabriel, a Publicist by degree and Front-end Developer/Designer by passion with a taste for the meaningful and emotional. Here at Abduzeedo, I always try to bring you only amazing content, things that mean something for me and for those around me.

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