Opera78 by Fiodor Sumkin


Fiodor Sumkin is a guy that actually knows how to go beyond with typography. His words show us an amazing creativity with shapes and a lot of harmony between fonts and elements within his design.

He shows us references such as patterns, book from the 60's and 70's, typography, art, design, architecture, photography and along with that, elements that came out of an insane mind, full of alternative design and high quality.

"Everything I do starts with just pen and paper; I only use the computer to piece everything together at the end. I spent endless hours drawing fonts and trying out new ways of creating type. This laborious trail and errors approach really helped to shape my style." -Fiodor Sumkin

Opera78's headquarters are in Amsterdam, but you'll get to see more of his work at opera78.com. You might even buy some great pieces directly from his portfolio at opera78.etsy.com.

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