Outstanding Illustrations by Mr. Doyle


Timothy Doyle aka. Mr. Doyle is a illustrator and owner of a screen printing studio called Nakatomi Inc. in Austin, Texas. Now I gotta say I hardly see someone who could blend traditional media with digital media in a way you can really distinguish how this was done. Mr. Doyle also present us a really outstanding skill for character design, coloring and scenario composition.

You can see more artworks and news from Mr. Doyle at his Official Website.

Tim Doyle is an illustrator and print-maker working out of Austin, Texas. Growing up in the suburban sprawl of the Dallas area, he turned inward and sullen, only finding joy in comic-books and television and video games. Moving to Austin, Texas in 1999 to fulfill a life-long dream of not living in Dallas, Doyle begun painting and showing in galleries in 2001. He self-published a diary zine, ‘Amazing Adult Fantasy’ from 2001-2003. Doyle has held many nerd-friendly jobs, including running a small chain of comic-book stores, as well as designing t-shirts and art-directing the poster series for the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. Doyle left ‘jobs’ behind and launched his company- Nakatomi Inc in January of 2009. In the Summer of 2009, Tim Doyle along with artist Clint Wilson built their own screen printing studio, Nakatomi Print Labs, in which they and other artists work out of (Mr. Doyle website).

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Marcos Torres

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