Paper Project by Tom McCarten

Paper illustrations and animations in the stop motion style have become very popular in the past couple of years. It's great to see the amazing projects but also it's even more amazing to see the huge amount of work behind them. Tom McCarten shared some details about that on a really cool post titled Paper Project and we will share her with you today.

An exploration of colour and tactile design. ROLE: Direction/Art Direction/Design/Compositing/Cel &2D Animation Credits: Production Company: Mummu Producer: Karl Hammond Director/Creative Director: Tom McCarten Stopmotion Animation: Luke George Lead Papercrafter: Emma-Rose Dade Design: Tom McCarten Compositing: Tom McCarten Cel Animation: T. McCarten, S. Atkin, J. Turzynski Kids liveaction codirection: Tom McCarten Assist. Papercrafters: Tom McCarten, Lucy Evans, James Turzynski & Alessandro Nobile

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