Photography: Brasserie in Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto


Brasserie in Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto is a photography project shared by Seth Powers on his Behance profile. I don't post too much about architecture or interior design, however this one deserved a feature, it's just awesome. I am fan of simplea and straight lines, as well as wood accents. This one has all of that in a grand way. 

Brasserie restaurant & lounge in Four Seasons Kyoto, Japan. Designed by Shanghai-based architecture firm Kokaistudios. The site is located in the UNESCO protected area of the temples of Kyoto at the base of the mountains and faces a historical traditional Japanese pond surrounded by a magnificent heritage ikeniwa garden. Positioned between the arrival lobby and the garden, the restaurant is the core of the public space of the hotel, becoming in this way the main representative space of the entire resort. The architect conceived the space on with a strong architectural strategy by using the Kyoto traditional system to connect indoor to outdoor, creating a large architectural feature that frames the view of the garden.

Seth Powers is a Shanghai-based photographer specializing in architecture and interiors photography. He works primarily with architects and designers to render their vision with care and a keen eye for composition. Since coming to China in 2012, he has done work for firms such as B+H, UNStudio, Jacobs, and Coordination Asia. For more information check out


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