Photography with Pixel 2 in Japan

Francois, our chief editor, has been on a journey to Asia with his family. He's been wandering around Japan and Singapore for a more than a month living the culture and trying to capture everything with his Pixel 2 camera. I love seeing Francois photos and how much he cares about the craft of photography. This post is an example and it was originally shared on his Behance profile. 

During the month of October 2018, Francois' (@wander_four) went on this crazy journey to Japan. They decided to visit West Japan which would include a trip of touring hand-picked cities from Tokyo all the way to Hiroshima. In total, they have traveled through 13 cities, it has been an extraordinary adventure that they will surely never forget.

As an ally to this crazed escapade, I had the best smartphone camera (in my opinion) to hold and capture any moments along the way. I have been a Google Pixel user since the very first Pixel. But the Pixel 2 has been incredibly impressive especially with the camera. Rocking only a 12.2MP f/1.8 lens, this phone truly shines through its software.

So Francois decided to share some of his favorites shots from Japan. He bookmarked about 200 shots but here are the first few. Just to add a little bit more glitter to the Pixel 2's camera abilities, all the following images are unedited. Enjoy!

Photography with Pixel 2

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