Piknic Electronik: Served Fresh

Living in Montreal, Canada, I started seeing this print campaign popping all around town and I can't deny that the colours are just attractive and vibrant. I got curious about who was the people behind this work and after a little search; I discovered it was a collaboration work between Gabriel Lefebre, Rachel Lecompte and more. We've featured their work before on the blog, it was just pleasant to revisit their latest project. Hope you will enjoy!




Client: Piknic Electronik
Concept, Copywriting and Art Direction: Rachel Lecompte and Gabriel Lefebvre (ethos)
Photography: Virginie Gosselin (Zetä Production)
Retouching: Lucas Bayzelon (Visual Box)
Production: Steve Desmarais
Painter: Marianne Stratis

For more information about Piknic Electronik: http://piknicelectronik.com.

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