Playful Motion Design

It is amazing to see how much the design community changes and with great sites to follow like Dribbble, Behance and many others we can compare the various shifts. Around 5 years ago, skeuomorphism was huge, then some ornamental typography. After that everything went vector and flat. Little by little things started getting more bold strokes, sometimes even with some depth. Now I feel that motion design is the new cool thing and in my opinion it's awesome. There are so many cool examples of little moments of delight that can be added with simple, yet playful animations.

Gal Shir a product designer and art director from Tel Aviv is exploring and pushing this trend in an inspiring way. His animations are very smooth, stylish and super fun. In this post I wanted to feature some of them with you guys.

For more information make sure that you visit his Dribbble profile to check out his full portfolio.

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