Positive Mental Attitude (PMA)

We have already posted some work from Joan Quiros but we feel never too often to share artwork that inspires us. The whole premise behind Abduzeedo was a way for me to share things that inspire and motivate me to learn more. The PMA All Day project is one of those. The level of detail and craftsmanship is top notch. Check it out.

This is my tribute to the Positive Mental Attitude (PMA), a way to face the adversities and frustrations though positive thinking. This attitude was introduced in hardcore punk and “Do It Yourself” cultures by the american band, Bad Brains and inherited later by bands like Teen Idles, Minor Threat, Youth Of Today, 7 Seconds or H2O between others, rejecting the nihilist and self-destructive philosophy of British Punk.

For more information about Joan check out his website at http://www.joanquiros.com/

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