Possibility™'s Brand Strategy for Matibabu Healthcare Startup in Uganda

Possibility™ led the brand strategy to help Matibabu closing the gap between African communities and access to health. matibabu is an Uganda based healthcare startup with a vision of a technology capable of disrupting the entire malaria diagnosis process at scale. Beyond their product design collaboration on technology development, together Possibility™ enabled matibabu with a new brand strategy, ready to enable its mission and communicate its intent to the world: fight for the rightful access to health.

Defining the brand strategy for matibabu.

In order to deeply understand matibabu’s mission on the world, they ran workshops with key stakeholders, discovering an exciting vision of a world where access to proper health treatment should be seen as an unquestionable right for humanity.

In collaboration with matibabu, they've consolidated its vision together with the willingness to take action among every matibabu team member, defining the strategic north star — Fight for the rightful access to health — and cementing a unique and more human proposition for the brand. 

Making healthcare more human.

To get to the heart of people’s needs and wants, the team brought the brand closer to its community and culture through a more human personality that’s capable of inspiring action – we close the gap – and articulate clearly its intent to the world.

Matibabu’ brand logo was designed to reflect its brand foundations. 

Matibabu word in corporate blue represents the healthcare system and business side. On one extreme, there’s the communities’ symbol (orange dot) and, on the other extreme, there’s healthcare (turquoise dot). The Sunshine Yellow Stroke represents the African communities uniqueness and expression to showcase visually the tagline of Matibabu: close the gap.

The team at Possibility™ defined a strategic color palette to connect with the brand meanings and to convey a sensory stimulus on its community:

  • Corporate Blue represents the corporate side and reflects a Trustworthy, Dependable and Strong feeling.
  • Deep Orange represents the communities and provides a Friendly, Cheerful, Confident touch to the brand.
  • Light Turquoise is justified by the healthcare connection to bring a Stability, Clarity, Health expression to the brand.
  • Sunshine Yellow reflects the African expression to fight with Optimism, Clarity and Warmth for a positive impact in people’s lives.

All the elements were designed to give a human touch and personality to a healthcare startup.

Building consistency in every brand touchpoint.

From brand implementation plans, website, pitch deck, stationery and merchandising, the designers have supported matibabu in every communication aspect, unifying all elements through a consistent brand system that improved the brand elasticity, clarified its equity, and communicated the right message to all the stakeholders.


Possibility™ is design and growth agency on a mission to help impact-led businesses design a better and more sustainable future. They are committed to inspire designers to keep reflecting and reimagining why they create, what they create, and how they create to maximize the value for the people and minimize the impact on our planet. ( They have recently rebranded after +8 as Pedro Gomes Design.)

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