Printing Friends Magazine No 8 – Food

Printing Friends is a magazine about design and creativity which is published by the print house Danagård LiTHO in Sweden. Since 2010 the magazine has been designed on different industry related themes, but in 2014 it was time for something bigger. The new Printing Friends opens up for new themes that appeals to a wider audience, still focusing on inspiring within the creative industry. The magazine is all about vision, thoughts and creativity in an easy and down to earth tone of voice. It contains everything from illustrations, photography, typography to personal stories. Printing Friends is an influential and print exclusive magazine where talents and creators meet and are showcased, in order to inspire the creative industry.

Issue no.8 – Food

Printing Friends took a culinary trip around the world and ate mashed potato typography, a coconut flavoured 'space burger' and a knitted hot dog among many other delicacies. This is issue no.8 - Food. Bon appétit!


Via Behance

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