Product Design: Listener's Playlist


Listener's Playlist is a product design project shared by Anzi. It started on Facebook as a group where friends would share their favorite music. It evolved to a complete app that uses SoundCloud API. There's also a lot to love in terms of design, very minimal and simple with huge focus on the content.

In addition, I could highlight the bold typography. It's quite elegant and despite the fact I don't like the hamburger menu, the design of that screen is quite beautiful. Another detail that adds a lot of value is the sound waves animation that divides the content. It was quite clever and adds those little moments of delight that captivates user's attention.

Product Design

Product Design: Listener's PlaylistProduct Design: Listener's PlaylistProduct Design: Listener's PlaylistProduct Design: Listener's Playlist

About the designer

Anzi . is an art director from Seoul, South Korea. For more information check out

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