Product Design: Normal Headphones

I am always intrigued by what makers/inventors do make to re-invent our everyday life things. We don't think these items can ever be re-invented but somebody will always do. Same thoughts with the Normal Headphones, they are introducing the first wireless headphones with an integrated USB so you can completely remove wires from your headphone experience. After 8 hours of playtime, simply plug-in to charge directly to a computer, battery or wall wart.

Based on our learning of thousands of individual ears, New Normals will come in over 30 different sizes for an even more perfect fit. The New Normals are not just customized for your ears, they are designed for your lifestyle.



Available for pre-order today are two versions of the New Normal: The Suit Edition ($149) is made of hand stitched natural or charcoal Napa leather and precision machined metal to add to your super stylish look. The Sweat Edition ($99), made of black or red stretchy silicone can be soaked while you run.

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