Product Design: ONLY Paintbrush

All great products starts with a problem that could be related to work, life and anything basically. The thing is, do you really see it as a problem? We usually don't since we are so busy with our lives but some of us just take a step back to look at things differently. It could be little things like a paintbrush?! Yes, a paintbrush! We all have used one and we pretty know what are the pros and cons (mostly) of using a paintbrush. Let's take a look at Christopher Crowley's take of what he called the ONLY Paintbrush

ONLY Paintbrush is a new take on a classic tool. It features a built in cap that doubles as it's handle. It's bristles are cast into a silicone band that holds the cap in place. The bristles can fan out when you squeeze the sides of the silicon making the brush super simple to clean. It will be the ONLY paintbrush you ever have to buy.

About Christopher Crowley

Christopher is a student in Industrial Design at the Virginia Tech based in Blacksburg, VA, USA. Learning in product design, industrial design and illustration; we shall look forward to see more of his work in the future.

More information via: Behance.

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