I'm a Brazilian product designer based in Oakland, California currently working for Google as a Staff Designer. I am also the founder of Abduzeedo, an award-winning digital publication about design and a personal project that has become the source of inspiration for millions of designers and enthusiasts.

Since joining Google in 2011 I have had the opportunity to work on incredible projects small and big. From designing and helping the Google Doodles Team, Google Ventures, Shopping Express Mobile as well as leading major products and the vision for Google Search,  Android Pay, Google Play Music and most recently Google Play Games

UI/UX Design for PayGO

Kamron Dalimov shared a UI/UX app design and branding project for PayGO, a product aimed at making it easier for people to pay their bills from a centralized place.

UX for the first object interaction app — Dot Go

For blind and visually impaired people, it’s challenging to enter unfamiliar environments. Objection detection apps can identify objects but fail when it comes to interacting with these objects in a meaningful way. 

UX for Arrowww 16 lab

This is how Maxim Aginsky and team have approached the development of the Arrowwww 16 lab website and other related materials.

UX for mobile crypto wallet "Walle"

Alex Sav shared a UX and app design for a crypto wallet application called “Walle”. The design features a clean and friendly interface focusing 100% on the content.

Alvor branding and visual identity

Operating for more than 20 years in the agriculture market and a reference in its region, Mafra (SC), Brazil, Alvor is a company that specialized in increasing soil productivity through services such as Topography and Precision Farming.

Lavandes® Brand identity

Lavandes Branding is a consequence of a long-lasting desire for a certified platform that cares about insights, news, and education in the field of agriculture.

Branding for UNO.Farm

Embacy Team shared a branding and visual identity project for UNO.Farm featuring a retro look. UNO.Farm’s mission is to bring together all the best yield sources in DeFi into one tool.

American Bauhaus by Erik Schmitt

American Bauhaus creates a unique space for the history of Black Mountain College, which provided a new creative home for many World War II refugees in Europe from 1933 to 19

UX for Her cinema listings app

Paweł Olszak shared a UX design project for Her, a concept of an application for viewing cinema listings as well as buying and storing tickets for film screenings.

UX for Nest Seekers International

Martin Briceno shared a UX and web design project for Nest Seekers International, a game-changing firm in the rapidly expanding global real estate marketplace.

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