Sweet Logo Design by Maggie Molloy

There are tons of logo styles out there: flat, outlines, 3d, etc. In every style you'll find pretty awesome, beautiful examples of logo design.

Terrific 3D Artworks by Ricardo Rey

It's awesome to see talented designers doing terrific artworks! Ricardo Rey, a Venezuelan designer, comes up with these super detailed 3d artworks. These are very well done and stylish!

Fantastic Artworks by Dofresh

I really love a good set of concept artworks. Sometimes it's like reading a book, it just takes you imagining wild stories of far away kingdoms and futures to come.

Savage Oil Like Artworks by Greg Rutkowski

While surfing the web I ran into the work of Polish artist Greg Rutkowski and it was a blast. Greg comes up with SAVAGE artworks that resemble the use of oils and the finish products are never less than masterpieces.

Logo Design: The Work of Deividas Bielskis

Time some sweet logo inspiration here at Abduzeedo! Today we're featuring the work of Lithuanian graphic designer Deividas Bielskis. He's specialized in logo and identity design and has been doing some solid work in the field.

Design Freebies: Icons and Website Templates

Once more comes that time to update your resources library and bookmarks with some of the hottest design items out there! Today we're featuring a lot of awesome icons and some great PSD website templates for your next project!

Dope Artworks by Kuldar Leement

Kuldar Leement is most definitely one of those artists I always keep an eye on. I've seen following his work for year now and he always delivers fantastic pieces of art, showing fantastic worlds and faraway sci-fi scenes.

Surreal Collages by Eugenia Loli

It's been some time since we've last seen some crazy good collages here. Eugenia Loli is an artist dedicated to the making of awesome surreal collages! Here are some examples of her fantastic artworks.

More Inspiring Logos by George Bokhua

George Bokhua's logos are those that you've seen a thousand times in the scene, but you never get tired of them. He's got so many fresh and beautiful pieces that we just had to share some more with you!

Creepy Monsters Design

Some artists excel in the art of horror. They have the ability to visualize creepy designs and translate it so well to the canvas, only to give us all goosebumps. Here are some examples.

Photomanipulations by Ronald Ong

Time for some awesome photomanipulations! Since the beginning of Abduzeedo we've always loved a good set of photomanips, and everytime we find a designer coming up with a fresh set is a happy moment!

Beautiful Illustrations by Joseph Catimbang

Joseph Catimbang is an artist from the Philippines currently based in California, and his illustrations are just wonderful! He comes up with full black ink artworks that will amaze you!

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