Project HANDPERSAND by Kyle Steed

I believe you guys might know Kyle Steed, he is a super talented designer an photographer from Dallas, Texas. He titled himself a professional doodler and part-time waffle maker. Kyle has always something cool to share and the project HANDPERSAND was a great example of how designers willing to improve their skills should behave. Always trying different things and leaving their comfort zones. The project is already sold out but it's super inspiring and worth checking it out.

Two days ago I woke up with an urge to try something different. To push myself beyond my comfort zone and work with my hands. To be honest, this isn't the first time I've had this thought, but most of the time I'll either ignore it or keep myself busy with other work so I don't have to face the unknown. But not this day! I was determined to move past my own limitations and try something new.

The design is based on this illustration I did two years ago. I love the idea of blending two different worlds (in this case, typography and the human body) into something quirky and fun. Also, I'm hugely inspired by the simple flash tattoo style of Sailor Jerry. Having a couple tattoos myself, I just thought it was necessary to add a few tattoos to the arms of the handpersand.

For more information about Kyle's work check out his portfolio at

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