Punky Chicken Great Work by Courtney James


This post will open a series about some cool new artists that we can find online! This first one will show some works from Courtney James, also known as punky chicken. She is a graphic designer and illustrator from Michigan - US that has studied from graphic design to photography and painting but has a true love for creating digital art and design.

At Punky Chicken's website you can find further information about her work/bio. For almost all the work showed at the site you will find Courtney's explanation or inspiration to get to the final result of the piece, pretty nice. Besides all the graphic works she has also published several books and has showed her art at galleries in Germany and Romenia, so, check it out.

"I'm constantly being inspired by all that surounds me, the love and support in my life is what drives me to continually reinvent myself." Punky Chicken


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Gisele Muller

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