Racing Driver Branding: Jordan Cane

One of the cool things about the internet is the sheer amount of sharing within the design community. Behance and Dribbble are great outlets for people to share their work with the community and they are one of the biggest sources of reference for us here on ABZ as well. For this post I'm pleased to share a project by Thomas Wightman, it's a visual identity project titled Racing Driver Branding: Jordan Cane. I love the simplicity and quality of the logotype, especially the symbol.

Jordan Cane is a 14 year old race car driver. Competing in F1600 series. As he is young and still growing into his profession it was important to create a timeless brand identity that will evolve with his burgeoning career.

Jordan’s progress is determined by success on the track. The checkered flag is one constant symbol of achievement throughout this journey. Preparation. Training. Effort. Dedication. Progress. The checkered flag defines Jordan’s racing spirit in his quest to be number 1.An iconic and minimal application allows the identity to grow as Jordan’s career progresses, whilst avoiding trends to remain timeless. The logo also remains abstract enough to not be exclusively ‘motor racing’. Project completed whilst at Twelfthman, London

For more information about Thomas check out his website at

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