Raw Design Inspiration: Hand-picked on Dribbble

New week, a new abdz. 'Raw Design Inspiration' to kick it off. No theme, absolutely 'raw' inspiration. Being an abdz., inspiration is one of the biggest fuels in my everyday life. Whatever it is for life and work balance, it comes in many shapes and forms. For me, I do appreciate a good surf on Dribbble. It's all about how we consume our feeds, I noticed a shift of change from designers on sharing their work on social media platforms like Instagram. I might be an old-timer but I am not too keen on sharing work for likes and shares, I do enjoy the good 'old' Dribbble. It's always gratifying and you usually do find something to spark your mind and inspiration.

The concept of 'Raw' is to randomize what inspires me to kick off my week, maybe it could have the same effect on you. This is reasonably an homage to abdz. daily inspiration series. It's an experiment, and we’ll see how it goes. If you do have a suggestion, you can submit your work.

By Brien Hopkins
By Mathieu L.B

Space Ramen pink 36days colors japan food ramen food app illustration 3d 2d

By Mess

Makers > Managers 80s print illustration gradients vaporwave mailer marketing development design chicago makers

By candybrophycreative

nike nineties ode 90's vintagenike retronike nikewomen swoosh nike logodesign logo design typography vector advertising campaign illustration branding

By Martin Naumann

36 logos - NY Times logotype logo design rebrand rebranding new york times ny times logo branding 36daysoftype illustration typography colors generative filter forge abstract art design

By Scott Biersack

Vote Collection 1 lettering collection handlettering script lettering illustration reasons to vote go vote vote

By Johanna Wellnitz
By Joe Hansen

Food Blogger Typography leaf funky blog palette color logo logotype wordmark food plate vintage fonts type lettering typography

By Corey Reifinger

Chunky. type branding graphic design corey reifinger johnny cupcakes logodesign font custom lettering typeface logos typography logo

By Mercedes Bazan

Asuka japan design ipad pro texture abstract anime poster illustration

By Yoshiyuki Yagi

The Untouchables illustration

By Marka Network

Packaging design for Public Brew Hibiscus Tea monogram label mark emblem logo design logo drink hibiscus tea brand identity packaging design packaging branding

By Julien Renvoye
By Evan Place

Treecard Website Footer navigation web site interface ux illo leaves leaf trees nature sunrise sunset illustration ui website footer

By Eddie Lobanovskiy


By Mary Kate McDevitt

Better Vote!

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