Raw Design Inspiration: Hand-picked on Dribbble

New week, a new abdz. 'Raw Design Inspiration' to kick it off. No theme, absolutely 'raw' inspiration. Being an abdz., inspiration is one of the biggest fuels in my everyday life. Whatever it is for life and work balance, it comes in many shapes and forms. For me, I do appreciate a good surf on Dribbble. It's all about how we consume our feeds, I noticed a shift of change from designers on sharing their work on social media platforms like Instagram. I might be an old-timer but I am not too keen on sharing work for likes and shares, I do enjoy the good 'old' Dribbble. It's always gratifying and you usually do find something to spark your mind and inspiration.

The concept of 'Raw' is to randomize what inspires me to kick off my week, maybe it could have the same effect on you. This is reasonably an homage to abdz. daily inspiration series. It's an experiment, and we’ll see how it goes. If you do have a suggestion, you can submit your work.

By Claudio Guglieri

Guglieri.com — Icon set mixedreality camera battery wifi weather set iconography c4d 3dicon 3d icons

By Dwinawan

Our Works Page whitespace clean bold typography card profile company agency homepage landing page page work case study website portfolio

By ueno.

Uber Experience : Illustration guidelines illustration uber

By Rwds

baby world pikachu dog logo vector design isometric illustration ps

By Mufidul

Educational app for Professionals ofspace agency userinterface user experience study app students student school app reading online school minimal mobile app learning platform learning event app e-learning education app education edtech design system courses class

By Izmahsa

3D Character ui ux app web color octane graphic 3d artist cinema4d blender art render character sketch 3d illustration design

By Fonts

Morefren - Serif Ligature Font serif typeface modern calligraphy calligraphy typeface typography sans serif serif fonts ligature serif professional fonts design classy chic font ligature fonts ligature font ligature serif ligature serif font serif

By Fonts

Roseritta - Ligature Serif luxury stylish classy chic graphic design elegant modern professional calligraphy fonts modern calligraphy calligraphy lettering design branding sans serif font sans serif serif fonts serif font ligature serif ligature

By Turja Sen Das Partho

Beyonds Digital Agency agency website agency beyonds webdesign web homepage design branding web design landing page homepage website turjadesign dribbble

By undaru

1theK logo 1 logo illustrator illustration app simple logo monogram logo icon flat branding app icon

By Muneeb Altaf

Interior Design Pattern - Concept Banner concept art banner design interior interaction design vector ux concept branding uiux art uiuxdesign typography illustration ui design

By Gamze Kurt

Anadolu University / Spring Meetings logo typography poster design poster design

By Cuberto

Market-leading Online Cashier reciept check payment business online cash burger cinema 3d food web interface illustration graphics icons ux ui cuberto

By Ghulam Rasool

Banking and Finance Mobile App task manager bank app fintech finance mobile apps animation 3d 3d art 2d cards ui mobile app design ux ui design mobile ui design web design illustration design branding minimal mobile app

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