The Raygun 52 Project


52 designers will make 52 raygun concepts during 52 weeks. This is the basic premise of this really funny and awesome project. With the colaboration of some really outstanding designers as Mark Weaver, Juan Molinet and Olly Moss, this project still got a lot of rad designs to show us. Here I showcased the first 10 entries, but keep one eye at their website every week to get some new fresh concept.

More information and awesomeness, please acess Raygun 52 Official Website.

001 // EA Mark27 "The Percolator" by Emory Allen

002 // Gemerald Blaster by Zac Neulieb

003 // HAN-11 by Travis Olson

004 // The Solar Stinger by Sam Sellers

005 // Grandblaster Flash by Paul Carroll

006 // GLORBRAY by Joey Ellis

007 // The Peacekeeper by Ross Bruggink

008 // The Prodigal Son by David Sizemore

009 // Solar X-Gamma Ray Convector "El Rayo" by Juan Molinet

010 // TCAR-2258 “The Cluster Cannon” by Evan Stremke

Written by

Marcos Torres

I'm Marcos Torres, I'm a Graphic Artist from Brasil. You can know more about me at my Website, at my Tumblr or at my Flickr.