Recommended UX Articles for Product Designers

As part of my daily routine with all the extensions, links, newsletters and everything else. I'll bookmark a lot of links for my offline-to-be-read-later reading and I thought it would be nice to share my recent bookmarks about  UX. There's really good subjects/articles out there to dig into the matter and it's great to easily get updated on the latest trends and practices. Hope you will enjoy so I'll make more similar articles for you guys.

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Micro-interactions by Issara Willenskomer

This article is going over what seems to be a trend/movement with designing "micro-interactions". Well-written and quite informative.

5 How Product Design Decisions are Made by Tanner Christensen

This article is some thoughts about the hate big brands have to deal with redesigns. I do agree with Tanner's article that there's more involved in a rebrand that we all think.

UX: Infinite Scrolling vs. Pagination by Nick Babich

I really enjoy articles by Nick and comparing Infinite Scrolling and Pagination with thoughts and good practices are always welcomed.

UX Design: Drop-Downs in Forms by Nick Babich

Nick's thoughts about the Do and Don't on Dropdown in forms. It's amazing the round of examples shown for overall such a little interaction and it's useful.

Persuasive UX Design: How To Get Users To Do Stuff (Part 1) by Beckii Adel

I really love this article by a friend of mine, she's really going in-depth with the psychology on how to get users to interact with your site. Super well-written and looking forward to Part 2.

How To Be More Organized While Designing UI by Marek Minor

This article is just visually attractive on how you should be organized while designing UI.

Designing UX Login Form and Process by Nick Babich

Again, Nick is going in-depth at the BTS at designing an efficient UX login form and process. Even though they are not the best practice for your users but there's ways to simplify things.

UX is Not Design by Usabilla

There's something about this article as a reality check on designers that think UX is all about what's visual more than what's functional. How does it affect your UX and etc.

Animation in Mobile UX Design by Nick Babich

Attention to each every detail including animations, we all should thoughtfully design with care.

Guiding Principles for Design by Jason Pamental

Thoughts on the "Why" behind how we design and the things that should guide us.

Using Card-Based Design To Enhance UX by Nick Babich

The reasons why "Cards" designs are the way to go for moving forward and the good reasons "Why", especially on Mobile.

Button UX Design: Best Practices, Types and States by Nick Babich

Superb article on the best practices on types and states. It's a great roundup with what's good with great examples.

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