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Notebooks. However you use them, there’s always been a nostalgic feeling of going through your old notes. Taking a little march through the past and relive those emotions about what you wrote either they made sense or not. You’re leaving a trace of your memory into these little sheets wrapped with hardcovers. Feeling the wistful affection for the past?

It’s because we are featuring a designer (Aron Fay) from Pentagram that redesigned the classic composition notebook. After some research, this new design is more than just a simple redesign, it is the launch of Comp challenges the premium brands like Moleskine and Baron Fig. Available today for pre-order on Kickstarter, Comp is coming for the long run. Give it a look and support their Kickstarter!

comp is a redesign of the classic composition notebook––made for the 21st century.

Through extensive research, I've learned that, interestingly enough, these notebooks haven't changed all that much since they came into being centuries ago. And that they have an 180+ year history of being produced using the most economical manufacturing methods available.  With all the new advances in the fields of papermaking, printing, and binding since the 1800s, I was interested in what it would be like to create a notebook that uses the new printing and binding technologies and the highest quality materials possible, while still maintaining the nostalgic pattern that we all know and love.

Redesign of compRedesign of compRedesign of compRedesign of compRedesign of compRedesign of comp

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As a graphic designer, printmaker, and bookbinder I wanted to create a notebook that uses today's finest available processes, materials, and design to create something that will be kept, cherished, and used for years to come.

  • Photos by Brian Kelley

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